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Oct 9, 2012 5:00am EDT
being your senator, i'm going to give all my energies working with people in both parties to create jobs and get america ascending once again. >> recent polls show kaine has a slim lead over allen. the candidates are scheduled for one more debate before the november election. >>> mr. howard bernstein, our one and only candidate for the weather forecast. >> a damp start but it's going to get better this afternoon. not bad the next few days and the weekend right now all systems are looking up. we'll go for launch. weather wise, let's talk about this morning. it may just take a few extra minutes with the wet streets out there, a little bit of road spray. want to take it a little easy but a better afternoon. here's the bus stop forecast. bundle up and keep dry. we've got temperatures down in spots like the shenandoah valley low 40s right now. upper 40s in town with some areas in the low 50s over by the bay and southern maryland. your sunrise at 12 after 7:00. not going to see the sunrise this morning but we'll get to the sunset. 55 by noon. breaks develop the as we get into the later am
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
than later on in the day, south of us on that front just a little piece of energy, you can take up a little twist there coming in north central mississippi. this is moving off toward the east-northeast. if you follow the dra tray correct try here boom toward dc. showers redeveloping for the afternoon. not a very warm afternoon. when you get the clouds to roll in, sun angle not that strong this time of year, we are not going to see much warming. by lunch time showers in the shanendoah valley, central maryland, montgomery county, you may see a sprinkle here. the threat for showers is north and west of dc. overnight scattered showers just about anywhere, even toward tomorrow morning there might be a lingering shower early. south and east of town. clouds will break up toward midday. we'll have temperatures tomorrow closer to 60 as opposed to the mid-50s. on wednesday ahead of this front, coming down, we are going to shoot temperatures up toward 70. as the front comes through wednesday, doesn't look like it is going to have much moisture to work with. i think the front comes through dry.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2